Welcome in Gemart official website

Welcome in Gemart official website - GEMART Special Close Defense

I don’t believe in illusionistic martial arts and self-defense systems, I spent my whole life looking for a successful and effective self-defense system.

I don’t mind to the words of envious and know-it-all person. I say them: Test our system on yourself before speaking about it.

I don’t believe in the politics of the martial art federation related to ideas of money and power. I just pretend to obtain from my fighting systems, quality and effective results.

I am not going to adapt Gemart to your ability but you will adapt to Gemart system if you will trust on it.

I am not going to attribute other names to make Gemart more popular in the world. That has been, and will be, the name of my art.

My name is Gesualdi Emanuele, I was born in 05/10/1974, I started martial arts in 1979 and I spent my whole life studying martial arts, self-defense and real combat situations. I collaborate to improve military defense system and I worked for security.

I found my system called "Gemart special close defense" in East Grinstead UK in 1996 when I worked for the British security and I never stopped looking for the best and effective system of self-defense.

Gemart is suitable for everyone: civil, military and law enforcement people. It not provide slow workouts but just real and true survival training in any possible situations.

I took the essence of lots  martial arts, combat and self-defense technics from my time experience, especially that one I practice in real self-defense situation on the streets.

I attended many professional courses: close protection Bodyguard, counter terrorism and krav maga in Israel, Spetsnaz in Lituania, traditional knife in Unghery, military self-defense in England, yoga, hypnotherapy and lot of martial arts whit warrior Monks and international popular Masters.

Gemart is realistic self-defense and internal way of training. There are no katas, no false combinations and no preposterous levels.

I want to stop doing false ideas or illusions, the new generations are very intelligent, able to understand what is true or what it is not.

Do the best thing you want to do but use your mind and your senses.

Gemart Special Close Defense has been recognized by the “Israeli college for security and investigation” I.C.S.I and World Krav Maga Association ltd UK, CSEN and MSP - CONI Italia.

Master Gesualdi Emanuele teach for the Israeli College around the World.

 Book for Seminars, professional courses: Instructors Courses, Close protection Bodyguard courses, Counter terrorism courses, shooting courses, and more...

Contact Master Gesualdi Emanuele: cell. and WhatsApp: +39 334 3241164. E-mail: gemart1@hotmail.it



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Sillabus (The original program)

Disarming Gemart SCD
Sillabus (The original program) - GEMART Special Close Defense